Our technician shifting a Chubbsafes Fortress Size 4 , weighing 1250KG due to customer relocating his business premise.

Safemovers shifting a Chubbsafes Fortress size 4 weighing 1250KG, from first floor to ground floor. Normally in such situation, it is recommended to hire crane service due to safety. But due to building premise have no balcony, it is impossible to shift the safe using crane, hence we shift the safe by manpower.

Installation of a 4.5 Inch thick Vault Door with emergency ventilator in a pawnshop,  near Gunung Rapat. Within the Vault Door, are 2 units of Chubbsafes Guardian size 4, which provides excellent burglary and fire resistant. 

General servicing and lubricating of internal locking mechanism of a 4.5 inch Vault Door in a bank securing 800 units of Safe Deposit Boxes.

Occasionally, moving parts will have wear & tear and will require maintenance over time.