APS SS3 Home Safe


Model: SS3
Locking Mechanism: Keylock + Combination Lock

The models from this range are designed and recommended for homes. They offer a similar protection against re
and a wide range of sophisticated tools and techniques of attack. The features of this APS safe series are unique
and blends into your home without compromising the quality to provide maximum security and protection on
your valuables.

Fire Resistance Test: Tested in accordance to Japanese Industrial Standards – JIS S 1037:1989 and achieved an integrity of 1 hour @ 1000 Degree Celsius.
Barrier Material: The Home Series boasts a wall thickness of 71mm each side. Which will deter fire and burglary. APS Vertical rebate is situated right behind the door acting as a safety latch to prevent door opening from cutting of hinges. Making sure your door will still stay where it is even without its hinges.

External Dimension:
660mm (Height) x 480mm (Width) x 517mm (Depth)
Internal Dimension:
418mm (Height) x 338mm (Width) x 362mm (Depth)
Net Weight:

● 1 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects.
● Extra Handling Charges will be applied for delivering to upper floor without lift.
● Please do not hesitate to call us at 016-5556245 to ensure a smooth delivery process.
● Price is not included the freight shipping fees to East Malaysia.

Remark: Delivery depends on trip availability to customer’s region. By average, 10-20 days leading delivery time within Klang Valley, and 21-30 days outside of Klang Valley. Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about the delivery lead time.


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