Chubbsafes Air M-25


Brand: Chubbsafes
Model: Air M-25 (Secured by Electronic Lock c/w Overriding Key)

Key Features:
• It offers protection and convenience to both homes, offices, hotels rooms, student accommodation or other.
• Burglary protection.
• Steel door and body with dual, plated steel moving boltwork.

• Boltwork : One-way moving boltwork with two 16mm, plated steel bolts.
• Door & Body : The door is made 4 mm-thick steel, the body is made of 2 mm thick steel.

User-Friendly Electronic Lock:
• The safe is fitted with an electronic lock. The code for the electronic lock is set by the user when closing the safe. The user simply leaves the safe door open when checking out to allow the next user to set a new user code.

Master Code:
• The lock will accept a programmable master code allowing authorised control and access. The master code also allows access to an event memory function, the audit trail. This audit trail can be downloaded onto a PC or Laptop.

Audit Trail:
• A 105 event history can be read via the keypad and LCD display showing the time, date and method used to open the safe. The lock can be opened with a user code, a master code or an emergency override key.

Emergency Opening:
• In the event of an electronic failure or the battery running out of power, a mechanical override key can be used to emergency-open the lock.

Hand & Held Programming Unit:
• Authorised control and access via electronic lock or hand-held programming unit.
• A master code can be set for the safe using the optional hand-held programming unit. This allows an additional authorised entry method for an approved individual either as a result of a forgotten user.

Comes standard with base bolting facility for floor mounting:
• The anchoring kit (supplied) securely mounts the safe, preventing it from being removed. The safe has four anchoring holes in the base, each 7.5mm in diameter. Bolts are supplied for masonry fitting, alternative bolts may need to be sourced depending upon the base to which the safe is fitted.

Warranty :
* 1 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects
* Please do not hesitate to contact us to ensure a smooth delivery process at 016-5556245
* Price is not included the freight shipping fees to East Malaysia


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