Chubbsafes Castle 060


Brand: Chubbsafes
Model: Castle

Key Features:
1. Burglary resistant
2. 1 hour fire resistant, certified by KS G 4500 Standard (Furnace Temperature 927 Degree Celsius)
3. 3-way main bolt works with independent relocking device
4. Two to three stationary locking bolts on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges.
5. Lockable drawer + adjustable shelf
6. Pre-drilled anchor hole

● Model: Castle 060
● Dimension (external): 616mm Height x 491mm Width x 467mm Depth
● Dimension (internal): 389mm Height x 338mm Width x 304mm Depth
● Weight: 96kg
● Internal Fittings:1 adjustable shelf, 1 lockable plastic drawer
● Floor Mounting Hole: Yes. (Comes with 1 set of mounting bolt)
● Protective Body Thickness: 41mm
● Protective Door Thickness: 38mm
● Fire Resistance: 1 Hour (tested & certified by KS G 4500 Standard)
● Type of Resistance: Burglary & Fire
● Accessories: 1 Instruction Manual ; 1 pair of Operational Key (Safe) ; 1 pair of keys for inner lockable drawer ; floor mounting bolts
● Locking System: Electronic Lock & Keylock
● Changeable Password: Yes

● 1 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects.
● Please do not hesitate to contact us at 016-5556245 to ensure a smooth delivery process.
● Price is not included the freight shipping fees to East Malaysia.


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