Falcon V380C / V380E


Brand: Falcon
Model: V380C / V380E

A sleek modern design of fire resistive and security safe for personal, home and small office use. Provide the best protection of your documents and valuables against threat of unforeseeable fire and burglary attack.

Size dimension:
External: 1320mm Height x 700mm Width x 630mm Depth
Internal: 1145mm Height x 530mm Width x 460mm Depth
Weight: 335kg
Capacity: 279 litres

Fire Resistance: 1 Hour (JIS rating)
Locking mechanism: Keylock + Keyless Combination Lock / Electronic Lock
Accessories: 1 plastic tray only
Access code can be reset according to user’s choice.

1 year local manufacturer warranty on locking mechanism.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 016-5556245 to ensure a smooth delivery process.
Price is not included the freight shipping fees to East Malaysia.


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